My Blog Sucks

Does ... Does Not ... Meh


I wanted this blog to mean something, do something, share something.  At first I had a go, but I didn’t really have a theme or a purpose, other than what I was going through or feeling.  Maybe that’s enough?  Maybe not?

I haven’t blogged for … well … months.  That is because of a billion reasons and excuses that all come down to one thing – worrying about what other people will think.  Of me.  Of my struggles.  Of my real life. Of my successes (do they count?).

And now because of the power of twitter, I’m reading real blogs … from real writers .. and real hearts .. and people really doing it.  In a way that made my blog block bigger and wider and deeper.  I started worrying that my blog wasn’t pretty enough, not stylish enough or whatever.  Lately, I have found myself wondering if I will look back on this time and wonder why I waited so long.  As I was reminded yesterday by the gorgeous Naomi of Seven Cherubs (gah … I don’t even know how to do a link)… if all I can see in my future is the mistakes I have already made, then I still have some stuff to let go of.

So, perfection – be gone.   Worry about “they’re” thinking – take a hike!

If someone reads.  Great.  If no one reads.  Great.  I will write because of that whisper that I have heard and ignored for so long.  Who knows where it might lead ….  Maybe somewhere fantastic.  Maybe nowhere.  Who cares?  I know you don’t, not really.  We’re just journeying and journalling along together 🙂


Much love

xxx K


About Kathryn Hodges

Hi! I'm Kathryn. I have many hats in this life. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother (of 4!), a friend, a keen try-er of yoga, a lawyer, a business owner, an avid reader and a lover of this electronic world and it's connections. As the Principal of a wonderful law firm on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia, I focus on seeing my clients as people going through change and I am committed to practising mindfully that I am dealing with people and their families. Precious stuff, hey! I hope you enjoy learning more about the things that impact on me, my life and my practice. Please leave me a comment, as I'm sure you have something you can show or teach me. We're all in this learning thing, called life, together xx Oh, and my professional obligations mean I have to remind you that my opinions are my own.
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2 Responses to My Blog Sucks

  1. Suzannah Allen says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I have had that feeling about mine especially when I look at others and see that they have this great scheme/plan for their blog, their beautiful photos, wonderful prose, funny stories, baking blogs, pretty blogs, thought provoking blogs, teahcing/tutorial blogs (you know ‘1000 ways to photoshop your hair’ etc). However, and I know this anyway, but I came to realize that I’m not anyone else, I don’t need to do anything like other people: I am me, and that is what I am sharing with whoever reads my blog … Me in Real Life!! (no plug intended hahahaha).

    • kathrynhodges says:

      Yeah Suz. It’s like the only thing that really matters is writing. I think the style, purpose, theme or whatever will work itself out. Or not. 😉 xxx

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