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I’ll show you my studio …. gonna show me yours?

So, this is the post I meant to write last time, but another one came out instead. I find that when I’m lost and swirling in the waves of uncertainty and overwhelm of life that I seem to be able … Continue reading

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Sorry kids, I’ve been doing it all wrong

I didn’t want to write this post, but it won’t go away.  So, persistence wins, and here it is. My husband and I recently celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  Nice, hey xx  Obviously, we’ve done a few, but this anniversary was … Continue reading

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2012. Where can I fail?

Like so many, I have plenty to do.  Most days, more than I can manage.  The kids, the hubby, the household, the workplace, the work itself, ME! I have written before about the need to let go of striving to be … Continue reading

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I am Grateful for 2011. Truly.

If you follow blogs, this is probably the eleventy billionth New Year post you have read.  And yet, I still write this.  That’s because I have decided, that my blog is for me.  Weird.  Selfish.  Pointless.  Maybe.  Instead of targeting this to … Continue reading

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