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An abstract piece. Parties and cake. Green and Grey.

Some blog posts are already formed, long before my fingers hit the keyboard.  Those posts are built on phrases that have been twisting and turning in my head, often for days.  This is not one of those posts. Today, I … Continue reading

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Fixing myself with String and Tape. End of Line.

The last month or so have led to me yelling, metaphorically speaking, WHAT THE FRACK IS GOING ON? My secretary resigned.  Which of course is fine.  I understand that people want to try new things and work places and responsibilities.  … Continue reading

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Bowling, Birthdays, BBQ Breakfast, and Brain Blockages

My Mum has kindly given me permission to write about these things.  My Mum reads my blog, and I would ask that anyone who cares enough to comment please send her a note of love and kindness as well. Last … Continue reading

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What to expect when you’re expecting. Will it be Uncle Terry?

This post makes me distinctly nervous.  Nothing tougher than confessing inadequacies as a parent.  But time to release it, and move onto the next idea that makes me nervous! There’s a whole bunch of stuff that none of the pregnancy and … Continue reading

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