Calm in the midst of Busy

A truth that I believe to be fundamental, is that despite the fast paced flurry of the world around us, we all need to find channels that we can use to find the inner quiet that resides deep within us all.

For some it is gardening, or painting, or fishing, or camping … but something that helps us to channel out the busy and dial right on in to ourselves and the real energies of the world. Not the world that exists at the surface and shows up in work requests, and bills, and sporting events and plans and commitments.

But the world that connects us all.

I have noticed a few of these practices showing up at home.

First, Sabrina and I started some colouring in together. It’s not a locked in thing. But every now and then, we pull out the pencils, and just chill out, filling the spaces, and turning a blank sketch into something else entirely. Something that we created together.


Then, Dean started playing around with some sketching of his own.

It’s been lovely seeing him, caught in his own flow, creating something just because he wants to. And knowing that it will provide for him, as it does for me, a respite from the constant EVERYTHING of this adult life we have.

Tattoo Design

Then yesterday, we may have hit peak activity to keep fingers busy and minds calm.

014Last night, instead of sitting in front of the telly, struggling to understand why we devote so much of our lives in the “screen” position, then going into a massive think fest about what I could or should be doing (writing, business planning, reading for learning) … I was trying to hold wool, count loops and somehow make my hands do something that always looked so natural when my Grandma and my Mum had done it.

I remembered them, particularly my Grandma, making intricate patterns using delicate thread and fine hooks, and here I was clumsily trying to hook some wool through itself and make just the most basic chain.

But, by the end of the night, I had something.


I’m not about to give up my day job and launch a cottage business. But it was a good bit of fun and we all need tactics to help us switch off, stop the constant chatter, and just get still.

Tactics that don’t hurt anyone else or ourselves. After all, there are always alcohol, drugs and other risk taking behaviours.

Sometimes that stillness need a busy fingers element to it.

Then today, I saw a link to an amazing online business created by Amy Jones called Map Your Progress.  It is a place you can go for colouring in designs that are specifically designed to help you keep on track.

Imagine that! You set yourself a goal of doing something everyday (make your bed, 5 minute meditation, journal) … there are 365 day designs that you can use to track your progress.


This picture is directly from Amy Jones’ website, and is how she used her design to pay down her credit card debt.

You set yourself an incremental goal – the creator used it to pay off credit card debt. And she coloured a swirl every time she paid $100 to her credit card debt.

What a great concept.

The official grown ups star chart, but appealing to our inner child in it’s very formation.

Anyone else colouring in? Or knitting? Or crocheting?

Isn’t it lovely to put our adult responsibilities and worries on hold, and just be who we are.

The little person we once were, just bigger, with WAY more choices in life.

I gotta fit in some more wool loops on that hook, before I go and grow right up and make dinner. Lasagne is the plan here.

Hope you are creating … and what better combination than to use our creations to track our progress.

K xxx


About Kathryn Hodges

Hi! I'm Kathryn. I have many hats in this life. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother (of 4!), a friend, a keen try-er of yoga, a lawyer, a business owner, an avid reader and a lover of this electronic world and it's connections. As the Principal of a wonderful law firm on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia, I focus on seeing my clients as people going through change and I am committed to practising mindfully that I am dealing with people and their families. Precious stuff, hey! I hope you enjoy learning more about the things that impact on me, my life and my practice. Please leave me a comment, as I'm sure you have something you can show or teach me. We're all in this learning thing, called life, together xx Oh, and my professional obligations mean I have to remind you that my opinions are my own.
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6 Responses to Calm in the midst of Busy

  1. Heidi says:

    Crochet, knitting, sewing… they are essential to my sanity

  2. Katie says:

    Great article Kathryn. Calming my busy mind is something I always struggle with…and I love colouring in. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done it.

    • Kathryn Hodges says:

      Give it a whirl!
      It has been awesome. And really gets that inner child closer to the surface as well.
      And SHE knows our purpose, our why, our intersection WAY better than our adult self!
      K xx

  3. Hope you get on well with your crochet. I can definitely recommend it as something to do while watching most TV. There are so many ways to take it whatever you want to use it for and it is soothing and restful.

    • Kathryn Hodges says:

      I have spent far too long attempting to distract myself on FB or twitter or articles … some soothing downtime for my mind is so needed!
      K xxx

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