A Personal Creed

Normally, my weeks are spent inside.

Inside my house. Inside my office. Inside my head.

This week, I did my best to get myself outside.

It all began when I went to the the ProBlogger Event last week. The event began with a keynote from Darren Rowse (The ProBlogger himself!), in which he made a very clear point. Unless we are well, our blog cannot be well.

Included in the weekend program, was an optional morning walk on the second day.

And, instead of a sleep in, and more time inside, I got myself outside and went for that walk.

It had been a long time since I had gone for a walk. And that walk, reminded me of how wonderful it is to be outside.

And so I did a lot more of that last week.

I got myself outside for a walk after work every day.

Because of those simple afternoon walks, I got to see amazing moments like this …


and this …


I also saw other people outside.

Playing basketball, playing table tennis, on paddle boards, walking, running and swimming.

It took me 4 days of walking until I managed to come across these outdoor areas and could grab a shot, without people playing on both basketball courts, and both table tennis tables.


Isn’t it amazing what you see when you get outside!

And for those who are only ever outside, I suspect they have the same wonders to find inside. After all, it is easy to avoid what we need to see and feel.

Part of my walking included me thinking about the different pieces of my life. That can look different, but are still part of the tapestry of my life.

I remembered how Ruth Soukup, from the blog Living Well Spending Less, spoke of having a personal creed.

It seemed like such a great idea. To get clear on the values that I can pull through any activity I’m doing, whether in my lawyer work, my writing mode, my family life or my business ideas.

This is my Personal Creed. Version 1.0.

A Personal Creed

I believe the best of us has space to show up when we believe we are enough.

We can be courageous and vulnerable, human and understanding, brave and willing to make changes for ourselves and the world, when we begin from a place of feeling that we are enough.

I’ll play with Version 1.0 for a while, and see if it fits.

What would your personal creed be?

K xxx


About Kathryn Hodges

Hi! I'm Kathryn. I have many hats in this life. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother (of 4!), a friend, a keen try-er of yoga, a lawyer, a business owner, an avid reader and a lover of this electronic world and it's connections. As the Principal of a wonderful law firm on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia, I focus on seeing my clients as people going through change and I am committed to practising mindfully that I am dealing with people and their families. Precious stuff, hey! I hope you enjoy learning more about the things that impact on me, my life and my practice. Please leave me a comment, as I'm sure you have something you can show or teach me. We're all in this learning thing, called life, together xx Oh, and my professional obligations mean I have to remind you that my opinions are my own.
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6 Responses to A Personal Creed

  1. Mel Kettle says:

    funny you should just write this because I’ve just written a list of about 10 things all starting with I believe. i.e. I believe in kindness etc. Will share when it’s done.

    • Kathryn Hodges says:

      Please do share it!
      What a wonderful thing to do, Mel.
      To get clear on what you believe.
      I can’t wait to see it.
      K xxx

  2. Sarah says:

    This is so great!! Xo. 😀

  3. Suzie Cheel says:

    I love this idea and I like your creed. I do walk on the beach most mornings and my day is not started without a walk xx

    • Kathryn Hodges says:

      I exhale when I hear you say that you begin your days with a walk on the beach.
      What a great way to begin each day!
      I love it 🙂
      K xxx

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