About me

Hi! I’m Kathryn, and I’m nowhere near as together as I look in this photo.
DSC_0216 (7)
But I do love a chat over a cup of coffee!
Welcome to my little space on the internet.
For years I wished that I could draw or paint or sew (as many in my family can). I wanted a “creative” activity that I could lose myself in, to balance out the responsible seriousness of my busy life.
That was what my logical mind was saying. But in reality I had already lost myself in the responsible serious busy of my work life, and I needed to find myself again.
Instead, I began painting rainbows with my words … Alphabet Rainbows!!
I’m married to a great guy, Dean.  We’ve been best friends and partners in life since our teens.  We’ve got 21 years of marriage under our belt, 4 kids together and 2 businesses.  Our kids all rock, in completely different and totally alike ways!
I am an avid overthinker and deep diver on life. I am devoted to working on becoming a better me, so I can see the happiness that is all around me.
I work as a family lawyer, helping to keep people out of Court as often as I can.  I am the Principal of a fabulous law firm, Integrated Family Law, located in lovely Maroochydore , on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
I spent a long time frustrated with the way our legal system deals with our separated families and the impact that environment has on the health and well being of my friends and colleagues.  After all, lawyers are people (Yeah – really – I’ve heard the jokes too!)
Instead of joining the ranks of those who “once were lawyers”, I decided to stay on, to practice the law with my heart engaged, collaboration on my mind, and the hope of a better future for our families. All of our families.
I’ve blogged my way through a lot of angst, a ton of grief and whole lot of everyday life.
Jump on my Alphabet Rainbow, and see where it takes you. .
K xxx

6 Responses to About me

  1. Will Barker says:

    Great introduction to your blog, Kathryn. Please keep it up! It is awesome to see lawyers with a real heart for the people they serve. It is equally awesome to see that you’ve not forgone a family life to pursue a lawyering career. 🙂

  2. Michelle Hemming says:

    Hello Kathryn, wow, how wonderful your blog is! I was really inspired by your honesty and open heartedness and loved your blog re The Honourable Justice Jenny Hogan.

    • Kathryn Hodges says:

      Thanks Michelle,

      That was an amazing day, I’m sure for Her Honour. And definitely for me, as well.

      Good things can show up in unexpected places 🙂
      K xxx

  3. Dianne Casley-Smith says:

    Did you go to Suncoast Christian Academy for your high school years???

  4. ffyonalc says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    The team at newlawyerlanguage.com would love to speak with you. If you’re interested, could you please drop me an email to lmffph @ gmail (etc) to discuss.

    Much appreciated

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