Stuff I Like …

I have truly been through some wonderful years of learning and thinking and growing in these 30s of mine.  I wanted to share with you some of the things that I like.  I’ve deliberately kept it random – no order – no sorting – no priorities.  These things are what they are …. Great Tools for the Right Time.

It might be the right time for you.  Check them out if they call … or don’t if they don’t.  Either way is exactly as it should be.

Here’s to a life of continuous learning.

I love yoga.  I’m not very good, and I still love it, heart and soul.  (I don’t normally love stuff I’m not good at.  Straight As at school hangover).  I go to yoga at Yoga Vida on the Sunshine Coast.  If you’re on the Coast, and are looking for a place to breathe, stretch, twist and find whatever yoga has for you, I’d love for you to check them out.

I’m an avid reader, and love writing.  Obviously!!.  I have a small collection of books that are signed by the author.  It’s a thing.  I’d love to get some more.  Wanna know a secret.  Come closer … seriously – closer than that!!  Maybe there could be a book with my signature inside one day 🙂

In work, I’ve felt like there’s was an awakening when I learned of collaborative practice.  I’m inspired by those who can move from being adversarial lawyer, to collaborative peacemaker.  To focus on our intrinsic skills, rather than the opportunity to sit on the railway tracks of litigation.

I’ve spent a lot of time being inspired, asking new questions and looking for new solutions after watching TEDtalks.  Some of them have had a profound impact on the way that I think.  Some of my favourites are:

The work of Brene Brown has fundamentally shifted something in me.  I would invite you to check out her website and see for yourself.

Another one that made a huge impact on me, is by Rachel Botsman.  She makes the case for collaborative consumption.  This led to me inviting other professionals to come and share my office space.  I love looking for opportunities to share.

I hope you like some of this too!!  This list may get pretty long, as I find more and more awesome things and people and theories.

Kathryn xx


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